Frequently asked questions

The Health Tech Yard program came to an end in mid-2020. Read in this overview the results of our support in projects, initiatives and start-ups in de past four years.

Through its intricate network of SMEs, care and knowledge institutions, the Health Tech Yard opens doors that would otherwise be closed.

As an entrepreneur you will benefit from affordable support in the research and development for your innovative idea in the shape of process supervision, assistance in applying for subsidies, access to intrinsic (technical) knowledge, and so on.

If you are a student, then the Health Tech Yard provides a useful SME network and plenty of work experiences.

As a care institution then you can look forward to having (internal) care questions answered with practical solutions

It costs you nothing to submit an idea. Depending on the acceleration plan that follows on from the submission of the idea, you may have to pay for advice and coaching, but you will be informed of these costs in good time when drafting an acceleration plan.

Firstly, you will receive confirmation of receipt by e-mail and then your idea or case study will be considered within a month. You will be notified of this. The adoption of your idea or case study by the Health Tech Yard will be considered. It will be adopted if your idea fits in with the goals of the Health Tech Yard, in which case you will be assigned a contact person from one of the Health Tech Yard partners. You will then discuss together the next steps and make an acceleration plan so that your idea can develop into a concrete innovation.

Entrepreneurs or private persons that submit an idea work concretely on developing and testing that idea. You are expected to put in the necessary commitment, enthusiasm, time and energy. You remain responsible for (the progress of) your project/idea.

That depends on the idea or case study you submit, and is determined in consultation with yourself.