How does it work

Join the Health Tech Yard and make use of:

  1. the extensive network of our partners
  2. knowledge in the field of business development
  3. a physical place to develop products
  4. a living labs to test products

You admit your idea and then?

Your idea will be discussed by the program committee which meets every first Tuesday of the month. After the meeting you will receive a reply within one week. When your idea is adopted you will be assigned a contact person from one of the Health Tech Yard partners. Together you will discuss the next steps and make an acceleration plan so that your idea can develop into a concrete innovation.

On a project basis, because of the wide variety of ideas, we will decide how many advise hours are to be billed.

We work with acceleration managers who open doors that would otherwise remain shut for you and also monitor how things are progressing.

Your idea will be incorporated in the database of the Health Tech Yard and progress will be reported on this website. If a concrete, marketable innovation comes out of your idea, then the Health Tech Yard will help generate media attention for it.

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The Health Tech Yard support program is come to an end in mid-2020.

Read the results of active support in various projects, start-ups and initiatives in the past four years.

It is no longer possible to register your project for support.