The smart mattress prevents decubitus, measures and assists

What is decubitus? It is another word for pressure ulcer or bed sore. Pressure ulcers are caused by pressure and shearing on the body while lying down or sitting. Pressure ulcers can occur at any age. However, the risk for people with an impaired physical condition is significantly higher. Pressure ulcers are caused by long bed rest without changing the lying or sitting position. The pressure ulcer is often due to a hard mattress or a mattress on which the body weight is not distributed properly.

Through innovative solutions, Smart Mattress' AD mattress is the most effective mattress for the prevention and healing of pressure ulcers.

  • For clients, the AD mattress is the most comfortable mattress.
  • For caregivers, this mattress offers the most support.
  • For practitioners the mattress gives an optimal insight into the course of the treatment plan.

Health Tech Yard helped Smart Mattress with:

1) the identification of potential customers
2) validation of the product in reality and further optimization.